We have had a burning desire to work on a project that would benefit business owners as we have strong entrepreneur heads.  The vision became clear to move forward and be able to play a small part in offering a non-profit organization and business owner, relief.  


It is an exciting time for all of us to be a path of a body traveling to success for us all.

I am so trilled to announce 5050 Awards.  This is a program designed for ALL to receive a financial award.  In these trying times of COVID-19 and with so many people now starting their own businesses, everyone can use a little help.  

Since our inception in 2020, 5050 Awards has been totally focused on building a strong business acumen for every type business to include non-profit organizations.  

As business owner myself, I know first hand the challenges in starting and maintaining a healthy business.  Now throw in the adjustments needed to be made during this pandemic - it's just a lot for a business owner to deal with.  If this process that
5050 Awards offers, can be a small help to your business, then you have made me smile.  That was my only goal for this model.  

Wishing you the very best in your business and in
5050 Awards...

Madge Cooper


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