The purpose of 5050 Awards is to give a company an opportunity to be awarded a grant for business supplies, software, furniture, etc. and stand in the gap.  It is not always easy to secure a signature loan or make ends meet especially when you are a start up company.  This opportunity is also designed for non-profit organizations.  


Our 5050 Award 

We have created an opportunity for businesses and non-profit organizations to apply and compete for a grant for their efforts or products.  This gives every entrepreneur a chance to work hard to be able to afford some of the business items to bring in more revenue.  Such as more staff, new computer systems, applications, inventory, etc.  The world is your oyster and you are in total control.  

How 5050 Awards work...

There will be no more than 50 applicants per month.  You first must register by clicking the APPLY HERE button.  Then begin to share the news that you are competing in the 5050 Awards.  Your family, friends and colleagues would support your efforts by donating to your business or cause.  Within a 30 day period, the business and non-profit that has been able to secure the most in sponsorship will be awarded a grant of  50% of the funding raised in your category.  Your grant presentation will be transferred to you electronically and presented through a Zoom presentation with your supporters in attendance. This presentation allows the winner to speak about their business and experience. 

All other participants will be awarded 50% of the remainder evenly.  Everyone is awarded with
5050 Awards.  All participants will be highlighted on the 5050 Awards website.  

For our launch month of September 2020, the competition is OPEN to all industries.  Thereafter, each month will allow a particular industry only to compete for 5050 Awards


  • Real Estate

  • IT | Telecom

  • Barber | Beauty

  • Private Caterers

  • Spa | Health | Wellness

  • Designers | Engineering

  • Architecture | Construction

  • Marketing | Authors | Publishers

  • Financial | Professional Services

  • Communications | Entertainment​

  • Energy Resources | Infrastructure

  • Restaurants | Diners | Deli's | Food Trucks


Each applicant must possess proper documentation of a legal registered business and business bank account.
BUSINESS - business certificate (DBA) or Corporation

NON-PROFIT - 501C{3)

Business Development.

If your business is new and have not yet gotten your paper work in order, we can help with pointing you in the right direction.  In addition we offer, mission and purpose statements, social media platform assistance, website design, APPSLOGOS | FLYERS design, etc.  We are here to help your business have the professional look it deserves.  

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